Q. How old does my child have to be to register at Seventeenth Radish?

A.  12months - 6 years for a regular weekly schedule, 6 months to 9 for drop-in care/special activities.  

Q.  How do young children participate in the activities at Seventeenth Radish?

A.  Children benefit from the exposure to language, sound, rhythm, texture and interaction with a variety of environments.  Our youngest friends will have safe and developmentally appropriate activities and materials available for their enjoyment.

Q.  What if my child is sick?

A.  Maintaining a healthy environment is a top priority at Seventeenth Radish.  If your child is ill, please refrain from bringing them to class and contact us to schedule a make up date. 

Q.  Can I drop in for classes at any time?

A.  Registration and reservations are required for most classes.  Just call or email us to schedule!

Q. How does drop-in care work?

A.  Families with registered children may reserve dates in advance or call ahead as little as 30 minutes before the desired drop off time to schedule drop-in to a scheduled activity block. Children attending on a drop-in basis will participate in the activity being offered for their age group at that time. Special arrangements must be made in advance to schedule drop-in outside of offered class block times.

Q.  Does my child need to be potty trained?

A. No.  As a licensed child care facility, The Seventeenth Radish follows all DCF guidelines for diapering and toileting.  Children will be changed as needed and at least once every 2 hours while in our care.  Children in attendance for extended care should come with diapers.  For children in attendance for a single session, diapers of all sizes and wipes are stocked in our changing stations so that staff can efficiently address all children's diapering needs and the cost of a diaper is included in the class fees. Families may be assessed a fee for diapering supplies if a child requires several changes during their stay or requires a diaper upon arrival.  

Q.  What do I need to bring for my child each day they attend?

A.  No supplies are required on a daily basis at The Seventeenth Radish, however a bag with an emergency change of clothes is recommended. Families may bring a single-serve beverage (i.e. sippy cup, juice box, water bottle) labeled with the child's name and the contents to be served during snack or lunch, otherwise water will be provided.

Q.  Are snacks served? 

A.  A simple snack with ready-to-serve fruits, vegetables, crackers, etc. is offered at 9:45-10am. Families are welcome to bring snacks for their child to share if they do not include nuts.

Q.  Are there minimums or maximums for attendance? 

A.  Once your child is registered, you may schedule drop-in attendance as much or as little as needed within our scheduled blocks.  Regular, ongoing attendance is limited to a maximum of 2 full days/week or 4 half days.

Q.  How does billing work? 

A.  Families with children attending on a regular schedule are billed biweekly for the upcoming 2 weeks to the credit or debit card provided with the enrollment paperwork.  Drop-in care is billed at the time of reservation.

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